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About the Alumni Advisory Board

The Alumni Advisory Board was established to help the Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO) continuously improve the service we provide to you, the members of the Alumni Association. Its objectives and goals are shaped by the mission statement contained in its constitution.

The Board is chaired by the Alumni Association President, Christine Fisher. Members of the Board are elected for a three-year term, with the option to stand for re-election for a further three years once the initial term ends.

Board members are some of Loughborough's strongest advocates, promoting the work it does within their network of friends and colleagues.

They attend regular Board meetings, either in person or via conference call, including the Alumni Association Annual Meeting.
Full details of the involvement of the Alumni Advisory Board are listed here.

Alumni Association Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting was held on 29 October 2015.  The presentation from the meeting can be viewed here.

Current Board Member Profiles

Our Alumni Advisory Board is made up of fifteen elected  members. Current Board member profiles are listed below:

Alison Walker Basheerhamad Shadrach Gemma Godfrey
Charlotte Mason Paul Glover Michael Brookes
Paul Drummond Alok Choudhary Robbie Epsom
Depal Patel Ming Ng Alex Lyness 
Ralph Powell Christine Fisher, President Ravi Pau

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